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Request Information Anonymously

Obtain the government agency documentation that’s important to you, while remaining completely anonymous.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state open-records requests are challenging and notoriously time-consuming because of the laborious process and diligent follow-up required. This can become even more difficult when you want to remain anonymous or make multiple requests at different agencies.

Whether you need agency deliberations, details about the award of government contracts, or a public document that isn’t readily available, we can manage the request process on your behalf while your identity remains confidential.

Full Service and Follow-Up

We’ll handle the process start to finish, from submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or state open-records request to providing the necessary  follow-up and an agency appeal, if needed. Minimize delays with our knowledge of the requirements and standard language, agency contacts and persistent follow-up.

Your Freedom of Information Act Requests

From forms to fees, every part of your request will be under the COGENCY GLOBAL name, keeping you and your company completely anonymous. 

Our Freedom of Information Act request services include:

  • Determining if a FOIA request is necessary to obtain your requested document(s)
  • Working with you to properly address and draft a request, using the agency’s required format and method of submission.
  • Submitting your request for information, and forwarding the agency acknowledgment and all further correspondence.
  • Remitting fees on your behalf
  • Persistent follow-up and negotiation of agency requests to narrow, grant extensions, etc.
  • Copies of the signed initial request, all agency correspondence, and responsive documents, delivered promptly
  • Assistance with an agency appeal if your request is initially denied