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UCC, IP & Related Due Diligence Services


The Wild World of Public Records

It’s tricky to conduct Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), federal tax, state tax, and judgment lien searches. Every jurisdiction has different rules that determine where and how to search. What might be available at the state level in one jurisdiction, might only be at the county level in another. To make it more complicated, some record types require special searching strategies.

Save money and time with 30+ years of experience in knowing where, and how, to find exactly what you need.

Service Matters Most

In business, there’s no replacement for real relationships with real people. That’s why we deliver the best customer service in the industry. 

We have office locations across the country so that we can submit your requests in person in the most commonly requested jurisdictions, and get to know the people behind the counter. Then, get your results in a report that’s detailed and customized to fit your preferences, audience and project type.

National UCC, Lien Searches and Document Retrieval

Strategically located offices from coast to coast give us unparalleled nationwide coverage for getting what you need from more than 4,000 jurisdictions.

Our service includes:

  • Disbursement of fees on your behalf.
  • Easy-to-understand result reports, customized to your personal and project preferences.
  • Copies of relevant documents on the public record.
  • Itemized invoice included with your results.